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I worked on Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

My name is Deborah A. Anderson, I am a 3D modeler and artist with a lot of experience in hard-surface modeling.

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  • What other use cases and career paths are there for 3D modeling?

    What would you say is the most common use case of 3D modeling? The most fun? Thank you!

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    The current trend and/or proliferation of jobs would be gaming and 3D printing. There's also things like legal animation where you're animating an accident or situation for court; scientific animation which they use for movies such as Interstellar and Gravity; architectural modeling for people who build hoses or sell land and want to show the buyer how buildings will look on the land; and of course films. Games is mostly what you would find online as far as jobs. 3D printing is a growing industry in which everyone is opening a 3D print shop and possibly offering services where people can customize their prints.

    The most fun would be depending on who you are. I have a preference for film/tv modeling because I know how to hi-poly model. Game modeling requires low-poly knowledge. Some of the other industries can be either/or.