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Founder of AdsNative. Former lecturer for the Web Architecture and Information Manage

My name is Dhawal Mujumdar, I'm a founder of Adsnative

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  • What did you choose Berkeley's ISchool? Why not a MS in Engineering?

    What made you choose a Master's in Information Management and Systems over a Master's in Engineering? Do you think this has impacted your career path? Did you consider any other graduate programs before deciding to attend Cal?

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    At Berkeley ISchool the focus is around future of information. So I felt that was pretty interesting. Moreover, the research at ISchool centers around areas like HCI, Information Retrieval, Technology for Social Causes, Information Law & Policy etc. I was always interested in wide applications of computing. So ISchool was natural choice. ISchool has really helped in my career and I'm really grateful to Cal.

    I had an admission offer from CMU's HCI program and University of Michigan's HCI program. But I liked the academic culture at Cal and thought being in bay area was an added advantage.