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Youngest City Councilman since 1967 to be elected At-Large in Mansfield, Ohio.

My name is Don Bryant, I'm a teacher by trade, currently training to be a school Principal. I've been on City Council since 2014.

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  • What do schools need to start teaching?

    Is there anything you think schools are lacking when educating students? What do schools need to start focusing? Thanks!

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    I just believe there needs to be more civic and community engagement opportunities implemented directly into school curricula. If students aren't learning certain things at home or elsewhere, then perhaps it's time to figure out how to better prepare them for the real-world. The 21st century is globalized and hyper-competitive, they need to understand this and have some tools under their belt that will help them to not only become successful, but will also help them win at achieving their American Dream.

    If student's want to become hip/hop artists or professional athletes, then that's awesome. But, make sure they know that they have to be exceptional to make it big. Highly exceptional in skill and talent, in marketing themselves, in making high-quality connections, etc. They have to know that you can't just send your demo tape and expect to make it big. Illusion and reality are two different things and educators and others need to figure out how to translate that message. We can talk all we want but, what are the actions and steps that we need to take in order to make a difference.

    In-short to answer your question, I believe civic education is important and that social studies curriculum needs to be modernized. If it's already modernized and 21st century-ready in your state/school district, then that's great.