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I invented technology that composes music using photos.

My name is DP Ketter, I'm a serial entrepreneur and technology innovator who has managed programs for several of the Global 500.

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  • As a technology innovator, how do you change organizations radically?

    On the other hand, how do you change organizational environments incrementally?

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    Spencer,I have always had this almost uncanny knack to see issues and their solutions as clearly as you would view a movie. I play out every aspect of the impact of the change (down to the reaction of the employees). At times you have to step back and incrementally release technology so as to increase adoption. At times, though, it has to be like taking off a band-aid. Implement something so quickly that the employees have no time to adjust or complain. By the time the bellyaching starts, it is already a part of the normal working procedure.

    I hope this answered your question.