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Urban Farmer. Indie Music. Marketing Stuff.

My name is Dustin S. Mitchell, New Mexico to San Diego to Silicon Valley chasing the startup dreams. I love great products and the minds behind them.

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  • What are the most important lessons you have learned from working with startups?

    Can you share some advice for startup success based on good and bad experiences?

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    1. Stay resilient. It would be too easy to say 'stay foolish and stay hungry.' Every startup is going to experience the deepest growing pains and frustrations when trying to get users/businesses to pay attention to them. At some point in a startup you'll feel like you're a failure. It's normal.

    2. Stay focused. Too many startups I've worked in have tried to be everything to everyone, only leading them to be nothing for everybody. What's the problem you're trying to solve this week? More email opens? More clicks? More usage? How is EVERYONE on the team going to make sure that goal is met?

    3. Take breathers. Startup culture can be extremely demanding, and also extremely rewarding. However, everyone needs a few weeks a year to turn it off. If you're able to turn it off and experience other things (relationships, family, friendships, vacations, etc.) you always come back refreshed and work harder than you were.