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I founded hack.summit(), the largest virtual programmer conference. Also founded hack

My name is Ed Roman, Founder, hack.summit() and hack.pledge() & CEO, hack.hands()

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  • What's it feel like to be a CEO of something a lot of people recognize?

    Is it different from what the layman perspective of fame and glory?

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    The fame is only good if it is able to cause a positive result for the company through making partnerships or acquiring customers easier. Otherwise it's just stroking your ego which might be fun for a little while, but then after awhile you get used to it, and then it becomes normal, and your happiness remains the same (human beings are good at reverting to their natural happiness level after awhile). Also, after awhile it can also be taxing since you need to convert your personal brand into a company brand. By diversifying the fame into others within your company you can have a stronger organization that isn't dependent on one individual's personal brand.