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  • What developments on the horizon could affect future opportunities in Modern Marketing?

    And also... How can people find out more about Modern Marketing? I had honestly never come across this term.

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    Marketing is not easy like the good old days. Before, when Internet isn't part of our lives, marketing was a one way communication between brands and clients. Now in our era of marketing there is a two sided communication between clients and brand. Historical way of marketing was pushing the same message to everyone from limited channels without getting any feedback. Now you have to tailor and personalize your message to your client from their interested communication channel and listen your customer needs. In Modern Marketing every metric can be measurable and marketers and brands can check if it effects to sales or not.

    In the future, as more things getting connected to each other, marketing is getting more complicated. But it brings opportunities as well. Every new way of communication needs another marketing strategy and all those separate strategies needs to be unified in the bigger picture. In the next few years, only people who can understand modern marketing will survive. Rest of the companies will die. If you look at the Fortune 500 companies, it's dominated by technology companies and number of traditional companies are reducing every day. In next decades, number of companies who don't care customers and their needs will die and we will see customer centric companies who adopt modern marketing in those lists.