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My name is Eric A. Meyer, Co-founder, An Event Apart; CSS and web guy

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  • How do you keep An Event Apart focused on its original mission?

    Sometimes when events get too big they become commercialized and lose focus. How do you keep An Event Apart true to its roots?

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    Interesting question! A lot of it is that Jeffrey and I started out with the mission to create a conference we’d pay to attend, and that mission hasn’t changed because (at least in that sense) we haven’t changed. Everything is built around that idea. We’d rather shut it all down than see it become a crappy experience for attendees, or even for speakers.

    But really, one key has been to very intentionally not let it get too big. Keeping AEA small(ish) and not even trying to push toward 1,000+ attendee trade show size helps us stay focused on the community and its needs. Because I think you’re right that it’s all too easy to lose focus as you grow, or just switch focus to different things.