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My name is Eric Farr, VP of Engineering, Technologist and Team-Builder

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  • How much of a role do you think team building plays in creating an efficient workforce?

    How important is team building in a modern-day organization? How much of an organization's time and resources should be dedicated to team building exercises?

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    Pretty much anything accomplished of worth these days cannot be accomplished by an individual; so, building effective teams is critical in most organizations.

    You question asks about "team building exercises." I'm not sure what that means, but as a manager/leader, I would work on a few things:

    Common goals: Make sure the team has a clear goal. This sounds obvious, but this is overlooked far more often than most of us care to admit.

    Over-communicate goals: As leaders, we overestimate how much or effectively we've communicated team goals.

    Push responsibility to the team: The most effective teams take on responsibility for achieving their goals (assuming they have them). Once the goals are clear, the effective manager holds the team accountable and becomes a coach/facilitator, serving the team by providing what it needs from the outside to achieve it's goals.

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    Your parameters for leadership are well thought out. However, how can you make people feel the responsibility to your goal? To build a team you need a coach, like you mentioned, but achieving this respect is difficult. I have faith in your ideas, but your response lacks insight into how you will achieve them. Of course a clear goal is pertinent, but the drive needs to be there as well. You mentioned an individual doesn't have the ability to accomplish things of worth on their own, but I would disagree. People are needed, but a proper leader can work with any team towards a goal, even an undefined one, through persuasive management.