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I disciple, advise and invest in Gospel-centered entrepreneurs.

My name is Eric J Quan, Co-founder Telos Ventures, formerly Menlo Church,, Accenture, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley Haas School

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  • What are the primary tenants of your advice to entrepreneurs?

    Do you find you have consistent messaging that works for your clients?

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    For us, first things first, we have to keep the person of Jesus Christ ahead of all else.

    Having said that, we have three core values and four pillars of a Gospel-centered ventures that we operate by and share with our entrepreneurs:

    Core Values:Relational - We believe that God works through people and who we know.Developmental - We believe that God is growing us through our experiences.Collaborative - We believe that we are to do God's work with others.

    4 Pillars:Serve the World - We believe our work exists to serve others.Foster Innovation - We believe we are created in the image of our Creator God and thus should strive to be as creative as He is.Shaping Organizational Culture - We believe we are to love one another.Embracing a Broad Stakeholder Perspective - We believe we are to love our neighbors.

    While what we believe is born out of our faith, whether you are a believer, I still believe that these tenants are true regardless of what you are working on and what your purpose or goals are.