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My name is Eric Quan, Servant/Disciple-Maker/Co-Founder, Telos Ventures

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  • Have you founded a company prior to Telos Ventures?

    Did you have prior experience as a business owner and what's your approach to working with a Co-founder?

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    I was a first 100 employee at which eventually was sold to AOL. I also founded Quintessential Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage company along with The Quan Group, a private real estate investment company which I both exited out of to go into full time church ministry where I helped re-kickstart a church campus plant.

    As for working with co-founders, my preference is to first be on the same page from a greater-purpose perspective, a lot of grace comes when you know ultimately what is the most important. I also think humility and trust underpins the co-founder relationship. The best co-founder relationships are preexisting ones where you have a good sense of how you work together and have experienced a common sense of purpose before.