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I used to work for Boeing and Qualcomm, but now am an investor at Presidio Ventures.

My name is Eric Sytwu, Investor at Presidio Ventures (VC arm of Sumitomo Co)

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  • How does working within a large company differ from working at smaller companies?

    You started working at Boeing taught you how to work within a large company. How and what exactly did this teach you?

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    Large companies, like Boeing and Qualcomm, have thousands of employees spread across a number of different locations worldwide. In order to manage these employees, develop numerous products, adhere to proper government regulations, etc, large companies have established processes and procedures. Moreover, the organizational chart and opportunities for advancement are laid out clearly. This gives employees structure in their day to day job, good visibility into their career progression, and a good sense of the projects they will be tasked on and how that project will affect the company. Working within a large company taught me about some of these processes and how to get thing accomplished when your team/group requires the support of numerous other teams/groups.

    Small companies sometimes lack that structure - the classic small company/startup environment is faster paced with a bit more ambiguity when compared to large, established companies.