How did you get a chance to work with Hans Zimmer?

Don't know how tight knit the community of composers are in Hollywood, curious how you two met. Thanks for your time, and love your work. I listened in on your TED talk and the effect of hearing the virtual choir through my laptop still gave me chills.

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Thank you so much, Jeff.

Hans and I first met ten years ago when my wife sang all the solos on The Da Vinci Code. I'm not sure he even knew I was a composer, but we were friendly to each other and laughed together.

Then years later he saw my TED talk and called me up to congratulate me, which was cool, and as we talked he asked if I felt like coming in and helping him a little on Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which I did. Then I arranged his "Time" from Inception for my choir, he came and played on it, then he invited me to work more extensively on this film we are doing now. He is such a mensch, so much fun to be around.