What are your top five lifestyle choices that support your creativity.

What are the things you need in order to 'be at your best' in mind, body and spirit. Space, excercise, certain rituals, attitudes, that kind of thing. Or maybe it is people, art, books; the inspiration. Or maybe the support evolves with the work; particular routines that come into being as you work.

Like any 'job' there are habits that enhance productivity and those that don't, just wondered if you have any particular things that help in your day to day.

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Ah.... I suppose the things that help me be creative are the fundamentals:

1) Sleeping well2) Eating well3) Exercise4) Meditation5) Being with my friends and family

When those things are in place the creativity seems to just blossom out of me.

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That's nice and 'normal' ;) Not always easy to achieve. You might have forgotten the need for Vitamin D - which you have now rectified. All good. Thanks for answering.