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Online Personal and Virtual Assistant

My name is Erika Friday, I'm a virtual assistant to creative entrepreneurs including authors, photographers, etc.

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  • Has working as a virtual assistant to creative entrepreneurs helped develop your own creative skills and knowledge?

    How has working with creative entrepreneurs helped you better understand the nature of their work? Does someone need an artist background to be a virtual assistant to an artist?

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    Well, let me answer it this way: I chose to be a virtual assistant to creatives because 1. I'm creative in my down time (not work life) so I "get it", and 2. I find creative people to just plain be more fun and exciting to work with :). I get to be the organized, planned, somewhat tech-y one and they get to be their more random, intuitive, dreamer self.

    I think we make a good pair because we balance each other out. They're the idea-generator and I'm the do-er. I also have a creative side and they also have a business side so we feed off each other very well.

    I guess what I've learned from working with creatives is that it's okay to NOT plan everything to the last detail and to take more risks in decision-making. I've learned to have faith that things will work out the way they're supposed to. I don't think you need an artistic background to be a VA to an artist but you definitely have to appreciate and be open to their process and be able to work with it.