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  • With countless startup tech companies up and coming, are there times when you feel the pressure?

    How do you make your company stand out among the others?

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    The main effect of this is fierce competition for talent. We try to make sure that prospective hires understand why Blend is such a great opportunity, especially relative to what else is currently out there.

    Unlike a lot of other companies, we're solving an extremely meaningful and important problem -- allowing people to get home loans efficiently, securely, and accurately, while allowing lenders to make fast, regulatory-compliant, and well-informed / intelligent decisions on loans. In aggregate, better lending decisions may prevent another financial crisis like the one in 2008. So we feel a strong sense of purpose in our work. It's also a huge and complex market, and we've really just begun to make our way into it.

    On the engineering side, we've maintained a very high bar for technical talent and work in a rigorous, iterative, and experimental fashion that great software engineers tend to find satisfying. Thanks to a robust release process, features often go live to all of our users the same day they're completed. The team is held to a high standard in terms of quality and productivity, so we provide a lot of motivation for individuals to continue to learn and improve. We also have a great product / design team focused on ensuring that engineers are putting their time to good use, building things that will provide value immediately and over a long period of time.