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I pull corporates out of their comfort zone & teach them how to innovate disruptively

My name is Ezzeldin Rafat, founder of Innovation Board. We equip innovation teams, help change their mindset and empower their leaders.

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  • What's the best way to persuade a team to break bad habits?

    How do you keep a new client of yours (or a team) accountable to stick with your advice? Do you regularly check in?

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    Hi, thanks for your question.

    I don't usually persuade a team or an individual unless he is persuadable, meaning he has to be ready to be coached, developed and trained. Not only that, he has to be in the right environment or have control of his environment.

    To break a bad habit in a team, I believe we'll have to work first individually with every team member. If we are starting with a newbie to personal coaching then self awareness, self trust and self love will have be grown first then we'll expand to other areas to establish personal accountability.

    I do shadow my client, if that's required. Sometimes it will not be the right strategy due to customer personality and requirements.

    Does this make sense? Did I add value to you?