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#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Business Speaking Coach, and Communication Speaker

My name is Felicia Slattery, I'm an award-winning speaker and shared the stage with awesome folks like Zig Ziglar, Joel Comm, and Bob Burg.

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  • What topics do you cover and who's your target audience?

    Thank you for your time Felicia

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    Thanks for asking, Elmer!

    I have a master's degree in Communication and another in Adult Education & Training. I was previously a college professor of public speaking and communication, so I cover topics related to those areas. My mission is to help people create better connections and relationships - success in business is all about the people you know, who knows you, and who you can count on to be there for you when you need it. That includes topics like: - speaking to market your business using my trademarked Signature Speech system and service from the stage- delivering better speeches in any situation - becoming a more confident communicator & speaker - making money with speaking - "21 Ways to Make Money Speaking" (my book!)- networking to connect & be memorable - how to "Kill the Elevator Speech" (my other book!)- how to get & give testimonials - how to speak on video- telling stories in business and marketing - developing & communication your personal brand and message - 9-step strategy to becoming a best-selling author on Amazon

    As for who I serve:I have clients in 22 countries around the world who are doing amazing things and they bless my life every day! They are experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities. Many of them have written or would like to write non-fiction books. Writing and speaking are the yin & the yang of professionals who do consulting, coaching, and other work they want to be known for.