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Startup founder in college // VC @ 23

My name is Fletcher Richman, as an undergrad in Engineering @ CU, I started Spark Boulder. Now, I'm the Platform Manger at Galvanize Ventures

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  • What resources does Spark Boulder provide for students to explore their ideas?

    Does it specialize in specific fields or study, or is it all inclusive? Are there information resources there that can't be accessed anywhere else?

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    Spark is all inclusive to students of every major, as well as community members or recent alumni who want to continue to stay connected with students.

    Spark provides 3 primary resources for students that helps them create, explore, and build their ideas:

    1) Community: Spark is a unique concentration of the most entrepreneurially minded students from all different majors across the university, as well as community members and entrepreneurs with an outside perspective. The serendipitous collisions of ideas and mindsets created by putting this diverse group of people into one space helps students come up with better ideas that appeal to a broader audience.

    2) Mentorship and Events: Spark and its members regularly host events that bring in experienced entrepreneurs from the community to tell stories, provide insights, and sometimes meet with students one-on-one. Boulder's incredible GiveFirst mentality means that well known entrepreneurs are willing to spend significant amounts of time helping students. Through these events, students are able to craft and refine their ideas.

    3) Classes: Once students are reading to start building a product, they can take one of our classes to learn Web Development, iOS development, and Growth Hacking, giving them the technical skills they need to build and grow.