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My name is Frank James Crow, Senior Software Engineer at Progeny Systems Corp.

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  • Do you offer training services to users before installing any software?

    Installing new software and facing out the old one face resistance from users, do you train users before installing any given software?

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    Training before installation or upgrade is typically offered by software houses that develop commercial turnkey systems. I have previously been involved in that sort of thing when I was developing medical insurance billing software and convenience store backend software. Both companies offered standalone training as a service.

    Developing software for the DOD is a bit different. Yes, we do offer training when that is negotiated as part of the contract but we don't offer training as a standalone service (though such a contract is not out of the question - just unlikely).

    However, the distinction between the two is vast. In the commercial environment, the actual end users of the system are trained directly more often than not. For the DOD, if/when we do training it is typically not for the actual servicemen that will be using the system.

    Developing for the DOD is more along the lines of following their specific guidelines and requirements for user interfaces and necessarily involves producing detailed User's Guide documentation. If training is desired in addition to that, it is more likely that we train their trainers in our lab. Their trainers train the end users in situ (i.e., on ships, planes, tanks, etc).