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  • How can an entrepreneur identify and acquire resources?

    What are other means of optimizing the profits of a company while minimizing its expenses?

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    Hi Sammy,

    Here are some routes of financing/optimisations.

    - Grants & subsidies - they do take time, best to get help from specialists on the paperwork. - Bank loans - if your cash flow is clearly showing future promise then regular financing may be preferred over investments- Part-time employment or freelancing to minimise the amount of money you have to take out of the company

    Equity based: - Investments: friends & family, angel investors or venture capitalists depending on stage- Convertible notes: a form of financing where the loan converts to equity at set parameters. One of the most common early stage forms of financing in the US.

    Otherwise it's good to every line in the budget and see how you can either increase margins on the revenues side or reduce expenses. The answer to the best way of doing so depends on the cost / business model.