What's unique about Creddon that other charities/donation services aren't doing?

I love the idea and the mission, but I'd like to hear fro someone who really knows the domain. Compared to services like Kiva or Watsi, what's the unique selling proposition / angle behind Creddon?

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Creddon is monetizing slacktivism (EDIT: We prefer "empowering slacktivsim" now) by turning tweets into sponsored charity donations.^tl;dr

Thanks for the question, my first on Wiselike! The slogan about "Monetizing Slacktivism" just left the drawing board; am curious to hear what you think about it!

Kiva and Watsi are great examples of organizations that work with a specific cause and have people and/or partners in the field. These organizations rely on donations, grants and sponsorships to fund their operations and programs. Creddon aims to increase giving to good causes like these, and is basically fundraising for charities by offering sponsors goodwill through social media.

Tweeting a hashtag related to a cause is an example of slacktivism. This can raise awareness, but charities also need money to make a real difference. So we bring in sponsors, who pledge to donate for every tweet. The USP for sponsors is that they will get organic advertising through users tweeting that “this sponsor” will donate to “this cause.” The USP for users is that they can make real money for causes they care about, without having to pay anything except a tweet. Creddon is Slacktivism 2.0 :-)

Obviously, we will enable sharing on other social networks as well. The long-term ambition is to capture a slice of marketing budgets rather than corporate philanthropy budgets, because the greatest impact will be when we reach funds that would not have been given to good causes, unless our service existed.

We believe that building Creddon as a mission-driven startup is the best shot at reaching maximum scale and impact. The model now is that 100% of sponsors’ donations go to the charities and if that ever changes, we will be fully transparent about it. We do not intend to ever charge charities for receiving donations through Creddon, and expect the service to remain free for sponsors for the foreseeable future, in order to grow as quickly as possible.