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Marketing Strategist and Self-Proclaimed BRANDarchist

My name is Gary J. Nix, I think brand first, because it's a promise. I speak, teach, strategize and execute. I'm the big show.

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  • As a brandarchist, what are some things you wish people knew about creating their own brand?

    The world is more connected by technology now than ever before, how important is proper branding for companies? What are the elements that can either make or break a brand's success in the public's eye?

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    Good Evening,

    When it comes to branding, I want to help people understand what branding actually is.

    I often speak about how a brand is much more than a logo -- not to diminish the importance of a logo, but to communicate and understanding that it is much more. Your brand assets and elements are the identifiers that consumers connect to. When you consider positioning, quality, identity, strategy, mission, value, vision, reputation, integrity, relationships, connections and trust, all of these factors when combined together allow you to better understand why branding is the active promise you are offering whether you're an individual or an organization.

    Technology has only put more of a spotlight on this fact because it allows people to have conversations about brands at a scale larger than ever before. Thus, if a brand is inconsistent or otherwise lacking in any of the 13 elements listed above, they are likely to NOT be able to maximize ot reach the level of success they would like to achieve.