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An Author, Founder@Chef in a box India..Creator and a dreamer..

My name is Gayatri Iyer, I am newbie food entrepreneur, artist & I authored my first book Life's Macchiato.My motto is create & create

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  • Do you think it's important to be well read in the particular genre that you might start writing in?

    I usually write in the scifi genre but lately I've been wanting to jump into writing a romantic novel series. Do you think its important to be well read in the genre before writing in one?

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    No I do not think you really need to be an expert in a particular field by way of say having degrees in a subject etc. It has got to do more with your confidence, belief and that voice inside you which says that 'yes, I have a great idea and I can definately pen it down. If I need help along the way, I am certain to find it or ask for it.' The fact that you have an idea for a romantic novel series itself shows that your imagination is wonderful or your life's experiences have been led you to think about this idea. Go ahead, and just start writing, the rest will follow.