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I went from computer programmer to PR exec.

My name is Gerard F. Corbett, I counsel, coach, consult and cajole.

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  • As a PR executive, how do you research on new business proposals?

    How are these new business proposals presented to potential new clients?

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    Research on new business proposals involves a fair amount of due diligence to understand the client and its mission and vision, the issues involved, the industry in which it operates, the people involved and their character and the opportunities.

    Today there are a significant number of sources of information largely contained in the world wide web. So research requires reading and analysis. Critically important is to assess and understand the client's goals in hiring a public relations consultant or agency. What is the ultimate goal? Or another way of saying it is "what is the outcome" that the client desires. Once you understand the desired outcome, it is a matter of working backwards much like a strategic plan, and putting together the tactics that will result in reaching the client's objective.