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  • How can an old school reader embrace the digital age of electronic romance books?

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    Thanks for asking a question!

    I am paperback purist. I don't own a Kindle, but have an app on my smart phone. Though over 95% of my book sales are generated from digital sales, I am a lover of "real books". I completely understand the way you might feel about trying to embrace the new dawn of electronic books. There are some incredible benefits of this new way of reading.

    Readers can now get books for free and instantly, no more waiting for your friend to loan you her copy. The beauty of having all these great titles all tucked away inside a thin plastic device is that your library is portable and you can take it with you anywhere. I have boxes and boxes of my well loved books stored, taking up room, but my book hoarding won't allow me to give them up. I love them far too much.

    I do think there is an upside to the whole digital readers, but they lack one of the most important things that only a paperback or hardback can offer...that smell. You know it, if it's a new pressed book, it's scent is rich and delightful. If it's ancient and old, that glorious smell of dust and time emits from those yellowed pages. I haven't heard my friends say that their Kindles can do that, have you?

    Thanks again, I hope this answers your question.Happy Reading! Happy Writing!Gloria