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My name is Hing Lee, CEO and Founder of Search411, Inc.

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  • Why does Search411 say they have a hiring process that is more efficient and less frustrating than Monster.com?

    What are the cost savings a typical company may have when using Search411 compared to Monster.com?

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    Thanks for your question. At this time we have not yet release our product so I will defer to answer your question in more details until our product release. I will try to answer your question with general ideas for now.

    Basically, we are trying to solve the problem of finding the needle in the hay stack. That is, how can we better match hiring companies with qualified job seekers. Having been in the high tech industry for many years and gone through the labor intensive process of recruiting for top talent, I have personally been frustrated by the difficulties and challenges in finding the right person to fill an open job req. I believe we have something quite innovative as we are trying to solve the problem from a different angle.

    If you have read the book Think Like a Freak by Levitt and Dubner, there is a story about a slender Japanese guy who won the Long Island Hot Dog eating contest by beating out big heavy set guys who were 2 to 3 times his weight. He not only won the contest but he beat the previous record by more than doubling it. Quite an interesting story about solving a problem the non-traditional way.