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I'm a wildlife writer who works with NGOs to raise awareness for lion conservation.

My name is Jacalyn Beales, My work entails writing and reporting on issues of wildlife conflict. Sometimes, I work with NGOs and conservationists.

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  • What do you think catches readers' attention more, catchy headlines or gorgeous photos?

    You feature some stunning photos on your website. Did you receive professional training, or did you pick up your skills as you went? For someone who is used to point-and-click photography, what would you recommend to begin taking more dynamic photos?

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    Hi Araceli, The photos I utilize on my website are stock photos. As I am not a photographer (and I certainly can't claim to be a pro with a camera!) I don't really have advice regarding wildlife photography - though I know that many photographers host workshops for wildlife photography and I am sure they would be very beneficial for those looking for tips, tricks and advice for capturing stunning moments. I mostly photograph nature, as I love being outdoors and am fortunate to live in a province where there are many forests, trails and conservation areas ripe with natural landscapes. In regards to what catches a reader's attention more, I think it comes down to headlines first, photos second. But publications need to be more careful with how they entitle their pieces. It happens too often that a piece will be titled in such a way as to catch your attention, maybe even make you feel immediate sympathy or shock, but upon reading the piece, it can be riddled with inaccuracies and poorly-documented information. Photos are important for visual stimuli and without them, it can be difficult to relate to a piece, but the headline has to be captivating as well - so long as it's truthful!