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Highly experience Software Engineer and Manager

My name is Jack Menendez, Dir. of Eng. Webvan & Altrec, Chief SW Architect GLSolutions

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  • Can you list some of the potential areas where architects can be employed?

    As a chief architect, what are some of the employment opportunities for the fresh graduates?

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    Architects can be employed by any company that develops software.

    The reason for employing a software architect is the same as employing a building architect. That does not mean that every organization will hire a software architect even though they need one. Building software without a software architect is like building a house, then realizing there is no plumbing and wiring. So they add plumbing and wiring and realize there are not enough bathrooms and the kitchen is in the wrong place. It becomes a continuous remodel and it is never right. The company never even has a chance to upgrade functionality. The company goes out of business because they spent so much time trying to get their software right that they lose all their customers.

    I was hired by a company that provides software as a service. Their product is actually very sophisticated and had a lot of pieces. The company was having trouble because each new customer required a server that took several days to build up. It took that long because no one had thought out how the software would be deployed. The software on each server had to be installed piece by piece. The company's own product had to be copied by hand and configured. There was a lot of room for error. The company was losing money bringing in new customers. I rearchitected their system and they can now get a new virtual server complete with their own software running in less than 20 minutes. Updates to their proprietary software on their servers are a matter of seconds and is done automatically. This change allowed the company to be much more profitable especially bringing in lots of small customers.

    Unfortunately, the majority of companies, especially small ones try to build their software without proper design. They just race to the end without doing a little bit of thinking up front. Companies that hire software architects usually have special people running them. These are experienced people who understand what it means to build and own technology. That is the kind of environment you will need to look for.