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  • Will I be considered for an iOS developer position if I have 3-4 apps on the App Store?

    I eventually want to go into mobile development for Apple apps. The only problem is that every job opening that I'm interested in has a 5 year requirement tacked onto the description. How can I break into the mobile industry faster? Should I still apply if I have 3-4 apps on the App Store or is are these strict requirements?

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    Depending on the company, year requirements can be flexible. Don't let requirements deter you from applying for a job. Make sure to highlight to the company, that your applying to, that you have written 4 apps. Now, if your apps scream super basic, like an app that has text and a few buttons, then you need to make a few apps that show you know apple's APIs. If you can show the company that you have the skills they want then years wont matter.

    I recommend that you - apply for multiple iOS jobs - continue to create portfolio apps and develop your skills - join an iOS community - don't fear failure