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I created PersonaDrive...The world's first collaborative persona platform for teams

My name is Jason Wise, First-time founder, UX pro, persona-guru, former MSFT & Accenture

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  • What lead to the idea and creation of the persona platform?

    Did you have an experience at your current (or a past) position that sparked the idea of the Persona Platform?

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    Valerie -

    I've been creating personas for years now, and one of the difficulties I personally had was that people cared too much about the physical design. The physical representation of the user research or interviews mattered but took a ton of time in powerpoint or photoshop. Nobody liked looking at excel spreadsheets because they get really dense and disorganized.

    A pretty piece of paper is nice, but it isn't always actionable. This is where we said "Let's help people make an organized, clean, actionable persona" so that they could get the value without any design talent.

    I've found that personas that tell a story using real goals, user pain points, and design requirements are actionable and useful to agile teams who create software.

    The priority of each of those building blocks is always changing, so being able to represent them and show others as things change is important.

    We wanted to make it easy to make something your team could start creating with no persona experience and get value in 30 minutes or less.