What has been your favorite project of all time?

From your programming career, which project has been your all time favorite?

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That's a tough question. I think the most "exhilarating" was a 1-month initiative I did with a team at MCI in the early 90s; we produced an OS/2 GUI written in C. The app itself wasn't terribly interesting, but we had a good team, and slammed out a lot of defect-free code in a very short time.

I've enjoyed numerous other projects, including a bunch of things I've built on my own, particularly in the 80s. A favorite was a graphing UI that took data from an HP/3000 system and produced graphs that it printed. I coded it in Turbo Pascal and used a graphics toolkit. The interesting parts included:- building of a simple DSL to allow people to specify data sources and graph settings- hand-building my own double-sized font- writing a printer driver to handle rendering the graphs on both a LaserJet+ (vertical pixels) and dot matrix printers (horizontal pixels) [ or wait, is it the other way around? ]- adding trig logic to handle displaying additional legend information at the correct spot on pie graphs.The cool part of course was all the fiddling I got to do to get past these challenges.

Since the "old days" (pre-2000), my favorite projects have been the ones where I was part of a really good team that got along well and produced high quality software.