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VC at Flybridge. Co-founded WeWork Labs. Investor in 15 companies and counting.

My name is Jesse Middleton, I've run biz & product development, sales, IT & launched new markets for WeWork. Now I'm investing full time.

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  • How do you juggle everything and manage your time well?

    You do "biz dev, sales, IT, product development" and you're an investor? How do you manage all of these things efficiently without dropping the ball?

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    The short answer is: Not always perfectly.

    The slightly longer answer is: It's a trial and error kind of thing. My roles within WeWork over the years have typically not been in parrael but in series. I ran business development followed by IT, product development, sales and finally M&A. Throughout that time (5.5 years) these overlapped very little.

    Investing is something newer for me. As of a couple of months ago I decided to go all in on investing full time. Before that it probably only took up about 10-15% of my time (my weeks typically consisted of 70-80 hours worth of work and meetings. The hardest part comes post-investment. Once you've agreed to put your money and time into someone else's dream, you have to really commit and support them for a long time. It's not always easy but I just try to prioritize and re-prioritize each and every day.