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Creator of "Jack Pallet " series. Founder; veterans.ceoexpress.com library.

My name is Jim White, National Writers Union, "Produces the Why & Sometime poet, Series: Veterans. Tech. Librarians; Solution Journalism Org.

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  • Most interesting thing you’ve learned this past year in your career?

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    Being in transit in from Vintage Cagilari, passing the area of the underwater ocean find of this century. Ocean mysterious depths, and uncovered historical quests!.

    Passing over the archeology of the lost ships dating back to B.C. Then sailing the new Suez Canal - Up into the Persian waterways, then each port all the way to Asia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka . Roundtrip to Medaterian sea. The Food, dance tango, bookshops on cobblestone streets. Yet San Francisco, and passing under the Golden Gate Iconic bridge, still takes my breath away. Welcome to the last log of a retired mariner, shipowner, railway historian and American Veteran. Lunch with Jack Pallet is always a welcome retreat. Jw. 2016, BayNet.