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  • How much time should be spent in the planning phase of software development for a client?

    Is the planning phase the same for every client? Does the size or the complexity of the project have more to do with the time required to plan the project?

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    Way, way less than you or the client seems to think!

    See -- having a distinct planning phase that precedes design, development, etc. is a bad idea for a variety of reasons.

    Instead, I recommend a more iterative approach (doesn't need to be a formal methodology like SCRUM) where all parties understand that having a product under development is when a lot of the discovery happens, not when it's all mock-ups.

    In both client work and in-house development, it's practically a given that project requirements change over time (e.g. "Ah, well now that I look at the website and am actually clicking around on it, I would rather ...").

    So, instead of getting upset about this, or trying to fight against its inevitability (we're human, no way we can perfectly forecast something as complex as a software project) I heartily recommend *embracing* the fact that requirements change frequently, by adopting an approach that eschews a "planning phase" for frequent revisions by your client.