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Republican Candidate for United States House of Representatives, Florida CD23

My name is Joe Kaufman, Husband, Father, Counter-Terrorism Expert

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  • What have been some points your opponent has brought up against you and how have you addressed them?

    Hi Mr. Kaufman. I think it's very interesting that you're a running candidate for the House of Representatives. How do you stay focused and not distracted from what your opponent is doing/saying? Thanks for your time!

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    I am running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so being distracted by her latest statement is a given. Every time she opens her mouth, something absurd comes out of it. Hmmm, maybe that answers the question below about dealing with something absurd during my campaigning.

    She said, in June 2013, that because of Global Warming, South Florida would be under water "in a few short years." My wife and I better sell our house, because a few short years is coming up soon and I don't wish to invest in new scuba gear.

    About me, she has attacked me for criticizing her. She has called me "radical" and "right winger." Coming from her, I guess that's a compliment. What can I say, except thank her for being concerned about my candidacy?