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I am going to college (computer science), all to chase a dream!

My name is Joel Colon, I am currently working on getting a BA in computer programming/engineering. Currently doing pizza delivery. It sucks.

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  • What characteristics does a good and quality pizza supposed to have?

    Is it acceptable for a client to decline a pizza after delivery due to dispute of quality?

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    Well, since we are talking business a good quality pizza is what the client thinks. I hate it, but its the way it is. It is acceptable for them to dispute after delivery. Unfortunately, most people think that delivery persons can fix their problems instantly which does not happen.

    This leads to what I consider disrespectful behavior. If someone ordered a pizza don't make your driver wait for 10 minutes at the gate just because you refuse to give him a code. If the pizza is cold because they make you wait they should not ask for another because its their fault. If the path to their house looks like the grand canyon they should complain if the toppings have moved.

    Honestly I hate delivering pizza sometimes, but it is what it is. It is frustrating sometimes. A manager once told me you have to look at pizza delivery as sometimes you win, others you loose big.

    By the way if your the customer and where dealing with a rude driver (these also exist) remember two things.

    1. be understanding...we drivers have really rough days sometimes(I have had change thrown at me, I have been cussed at, robbed, you get the picture)2. In the end you complain about what ever you want, because in the food business the customer is always right!