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I helped found the field of Human Computer Interaction.

My name is John Charles Thomas, 40+ years exper: IT specializing in HCI, UX, & AI. Author: The Winning Weekend Warrior, Turing's Nightmares

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  • Did you ever have a favorite sport?

    Hi John, with excelling in all these different sports did you ever have a favorite? What was that sport and why?

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    Sorry I missed this earlier. My favorite sport has changed over time. When I was very young, I liked baseball and badminton. I did not get a chance to play tennis till I was about 15-16. That is definitely a life-long favorite because it has a nice combination of ability, payoff to hard work and strategy/tactics. I also like golf a lot. It requires a fascinating combination of concentrated focus AND relaxation at the same time. I also like golf because it is so different from day to day and course to course. Pitching softball was my favorite also for many years. That was a favorite mainly because it is largely a mental game.