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My name is John Fetterman, Father | Husband | Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate in PA

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  • Your opinion of the Patriot Act, Guantánamo, Drones?

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    When the FBI acknowledges that the broad surveillance powers under the Patriot Act have not led to the disruption of a terrorist plot, you know there's a problem. We must do everything we can to protect our country from another terrorist attack. But we have to do so in a way that protects the constitutional rights of the American people, and maintains our free society.

    The USA Freedom Act reformed only a small portion of the NSA’s overreaching surveillance. At this very moment, the NSA continues to collect an extraordinary amount of information, about Americans and foreigners alike, in bulk.

    It's time for Guantanamo to close. The abuse and torture of prisoners has undermined our foreign policy and moral standing.

    Drones are another tool our military can use, but we must vigilant in ensuring the safety of innocent civilians and the impact of strikes.