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Senior Technical Writer at Atlassian.

My name is John Paz, I have 10+ years experience in a variety of technical fields as a Technical Writer. My comments here are my own.

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  • Do you need to be an expert in a particular field for technical writing?

    As a technical writer, do you focus on fields that you are conversant with, or do you rely on research?

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    I rely on research, but I gravitated towards fields I enjoyed working in.

    I started in an Electrical Engineering company, then moved to Defense, then to software. Once I found out what working for a software company was like I didn't want to work for any other kind of company.

    With that said, I only dabble in coding, and only since I started working in software.

    I wasn't an expert at making software, but it gave me great satisfaction to work with software, so I did lots of research on the field to learn as much as I could. But my job is not always to know how to do something, but to figure it out, then figure out how best to explain it to someone else.