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My name is Jonathan Eng, CTO at Upstart

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  • Considering Google's sheer size, did reaching management seem like a insurmountable goal or were you pretty sure you were going to get there?

    What are some practical things you did (relationally/habitually) to win over your superiors opinions?

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    It seemed like a distant but surmountable goal. For a while I did want to reach the management level at Google, but I thought it would take too long, and I realized that wanting to get promoted for the sake of getting promoted wasn't a good attitude.

    Most large companies will have difficultly promoting talented people at the rate they would need to get promoted to be satisfied. If they're smart, though, they can find ways to acknowledge talent and give that person more responsibility.

    If you're goal is to advance faster, the answer is usually to jump between ladders rather than to work your way up one ladder.

    To win over superiors' opinions: 1. Get your shit done and do it well. This is the most important thing.2. Communicate well. Be proactive about updating your manager about what you're doing, and be deferential and open to his or her advice. Your goal is to convince your manager that you're self-driven and don't need much managing, but are still eager to learn from them.3. Try to make an impact beyond your immediate area of responsibility. Contribute in a way that maximizes the success of your team, and you will get noticed and appreciated.

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    Those three ways you mentioned on how to win over your superior's opinions are terrific.