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  • How does Excel differ from Matlab?

    What elements make excel widely used across the globe? In excel, what is the difference between a function and a formula?

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    Tai, I want to make sure the questions you're asking me aren't homework, because they really sound like homework, especially questions like "what is the difference between a function and a formula"?

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    sorry, I'm not asking because it's my homework. I promise. I just really enjoy asking a lot of various questions on Wiselike. It's become my hobby.

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    Ok! Thanks for clarifying.

    Matlab is a functional mathematical programming language that costs a lot of money. It can do a lot of hard calculations relatively quickly and allows users to create scripts and front-end GUIs. It's largely for heavy mathematics and engineering applications.

    Unlike Matlab, Excel is widely used because it's cheap, easy to learn, and somewhat ubiquitous.

    Formulas are made up of functions. SUM, MIN, MAX, IF etc are functions. Functions always return something, sometimes as a "function" of their inputs. Formulas are made up of a functions. The following formula has two functions

    = MAX(A:A) + SUM(B:B)

    (MAX and SUM are the functions of the formula above)

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    Thank you so much Jordan! For answering all my Q's. I realize now that it was a rather amateur answer. -_-