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Hello! I am a student/future data analyst who is also interested in sports and music!

My name is Joshua Oh, I'm majoring in Statistics at Diablo Valley College. Transferring soon!!

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  • As a statistician, what tools can you not function without?

    If you could design your ideal tool to aid in the study of statistics in the digital marketplace, what would that tool be and why?

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    I definitely can not function without my calculator! As for data entry programs, I'm still waiting to learn the basics from a four year university, but programming languages, like R, will be a major key in helping me succeed. If I could design my own ideal tool, I would create a more accurate way to gather data. Bias is everywhere, so limiting bias is every statistician's goal. It would be a difficult task to actually build a program or machine to eliminate all bias, but I believe that there could be a way.(Maybe in the future we can read people's minds to tell whether or not they're reliable to gather data from haha)