What was the last Triathlon that you participated in?

Hi Joshua, what was the last triathlon that you joined and are you currently training for another one? How did you train? I'm interested in doing as well!

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Thanks for asking! Triathlon's are new for me, and my last was also my first. My goal is qualification for Kona in 4 years and am working with some amazing gifted people included a past qualifier and amazing persona Eric Hinman, owner of Urban Athletics in Syracuse, NY. I participated in the Incredouble in Sackets Harbor getting 2nd overall and 1st in my age group (I think I was the only one though).

I am currently training for the Syracuse 70.3 and then the Lake Placid Ironman. My training is based off of help from a triathlon coach named Mike Corona. In my early 20's I often confused my curiosity and ability to learn anything I set my mind to, with the need to try to learn everything myself. I have set many ambitious goals and have been blessed enough to actually achieve some, and I have found the best way to accomplish amazing things is to get around people that already have. To them, it is easily achievable because they already did it. It is not far off as a possibility, but instead a memory for them. This mindset is contagious, and when you get it, it removes all the limitations. When I spoke to Eric and told him my goal (before I had even run for the first time), he didn't laugh or say "do you know how hard that is!". Instead it was doable from where he sat, he told me what to do, what not to do, and spoke as if I was certainly going to achieve it. When he sounded fine with the idea, I became fine with the idea I keep forging ahead.

So find someone that has done what you want to do, buy them coffee, and catch their mindset!