What's it like to be in a Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV)?

I did some research about tornados recently because my friend lives in Oklahoma so tornado warnings are quite common there. During my research, I found a picture of a vehicle that resembled something like a tank and was wondering what your experience is like being in a Tornado Intercept Vehicle? What makes them ideal for stormy conditions?

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I have ridden in the TIV, but not during an intercept of a tornado. It is cramped, hot and uncomfortable. It is designed for a particular purpose and comfort is secondary. The TIV is designed primarily as a filming platform capable of surviving intense winds. The basics of the engineering are that it be difficult to tip over, so it is low to the ground and has a low profile, and is reasonably heavy. it has moderate protection against debris impacts to the sides and windows.

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Sounds like a batmobile haha