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Arianna Huffington invited me to write on HuffPost & I am a CTO of a pre-seed startup

My name is Jourdan Bul-lalayao, and I build web and iOS apps, write, play video games, watch anime and wrestling, and do tons of other things :).

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  • In building web apps, what language do you predominantly use?

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    Hey Maine! Thank you for the question!

    My framework of choice for the back-end is Ruby on Rails (and consequently, the language is Ruby).

    Reason is because it’s very easy and fast to build powerful web apps, Ruby is very pleasurable to code in because of the English syntax, and because the Ruby/Rails community is pretty large and active. I also use it because Ruby on Rails is a framework that many startups in the Bay Area use. In my opinion, it makes sense to get a hang of the languages and frameworks that many startups require of their potential employees :).

    If Ruby on Rails interests you, you should check it out at the website I first learned it from: As for the front-end, I enjoy coding web apps with some form of JavaScript (every developer needs to know JS). However, I haven’t used very many JavaScript libraries yet such as Backbone, so I’m still not a JavaScript expert yet.

    And of course, there is no web app without the use of HTML and CSS.

    So the languages in my main stack are HTML/CSS/JS/Ruby on Rails!