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I can carry two milk jugs with one hand.

My name is Julie Hunter, I shoot photos, video and I know a LOT about gear! :)

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  • Advice for a guy getting into boudoir

    What advice would you give a guy looking to expand into boudoir work? Building a portfolio in this area? Getting your first few clients? When starting out, I'd shoot friends for TFP. However, that'd be a bit creepy for boudoir, no?

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    Hi there!While, for the most part, it is much easier for female photographers to gain clients with boudoir photography, its not always the case. I don't think its a bad idea to offer sessions to friends for practice. When I come up with a new concept, I shoot models/friends so that I have photos to use in advertising. (Make sure you have their permission to post BEFORE you shoot them.) I have a network of local models that I can pull from via groups on Facebook but you can use sites like modelmayhem.com or others to find ladies willing to be your test subjects. I hope it works out for you! Good luck :)Julie