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Healed Major Illness over a Ten Year period, Self Published Book about the Journey.

My name is Kavi Jezzie Hockaday, I wrote 'The Power of Illness to Change Your Life' to inspire others to take the mysterious journey of healing.

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  • What's the pros and cons of self publishing your book?

    Any advice for people who are thinking of self publishing?

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    Pradip, there are clear pros and cons. My wife is a published author and i am self published, so I get to see the two sides.Number one, although not in order of priority, is that I get a higher percentage of sales money that a published author does.But that is offset my the scale of my reach. A good publisher who is behind their author can get the book into shops, online, and into people's awareness. Self publishing means you have to take on the role of publisher, without really knowing what a publisher does. Its a learning curve thats for sure. It's not enough to just write the book and get it on amazon. Thats just the start.But in many ways its the same for published authors, unless they are very famous. its all about reach, social media, interactions, creating some kind of energy and enthusiasm, getting interviews, talks etc and keeping going.Those are a few points. I could explore this whole thing in more detail if there was interest.Thanks for the question!Kavi