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  • What emotional phases do you go through when writing semi-autobiographical works?

    Writing can be therapeutic, especially when dealing with autobiographical events. When your writing takes a semi-autobiographical turn, how does that effect you? Does it provide an emotional release or does it make you relive things that you would rather forget? Is writing about these events a way to control them?

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    Hi Olivia.

    The thing is, for me, it isn't a choice on whether or not I want to relive certain things. Bottom line is, I just do. Events in ones life will often haunt you. They always creep back in no matter how hard you try to let go. But that's ok, it just means they/it meant something to you. And the way I am best able to cope is through writing. It's like sitting down in front of a therapist and spilling my heart and soul. Except it's my laptop and she is free. ;)

    Thank you for the question.