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  • What are your thoughts about young men and women who want to experiment with their sexual orientation?

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    Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for the question. I'm going old school on this topic, particularly since there are so many diseases and long term marital issues that arise from such experimenting. That doesn't mean I judge anyone who participates in such activities, or that I scoff at those who don't know the consequences.

    I believe we make these choices when we're in the midst of trying something new, or looking for someone to love us. These choices actually destroy marriages later in life for so many reasons. The decisions we make today often affect the rest of our lives, only we don't know it while we're doing it. This is why I teach people to create a value system for their life. To list out what character traits they value most at the top and work their way down. In seeing what your core values are, how you want to be treated, and who you want to do life with, you also get to see the benefits of your healthy, or not so healthy, lifestyle.